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Vocational Training CenterJericho

The East Jerusalem YMCA was established in 1948 in a tent at Aqbat Jaber Refugee Camp, nearby Jericho. In 1952 The VTC – Jericho Aqbat Jabber was opened to serve the marginalized, deprived youth living in camps and other areas Jerusalem and west bank.  Today, the YMCA operates a variety of programs and activities consistent with its vision for Holistic Youth Development.  These programs respond directly to the needs of people within all sectors of Palestinian society without discrimination. Special emphases are given to young men and women.

The YMCA Vision

The EJ-YMCA Vocational Training Center aspires to the development of youth that are strong physically, emotionally and spiritually striving for economic independence and to participate in developing a democratic civil society in a free Palestine.


VTC Goals:

  • To enhance vocational training opportunities for youth.
  • To Supply the Palestinian market with professional workers both males and females.
  • To provide vocational training opportunities for marginalized, social and economic cases and slow learners for both gender.
  • To support the poor and marginalized youth, by creating opportunities for them to become able to support themselves and their families.
  • Networking with community organizations to create partnership for supporting these institutions by all possible means.
  • To contribute to community development and build the economy of the country.
  • To develop the spirit of cooperation, responsibility, creativity, and volunteer work.


VTC target Groups:

The youth from both genders from all over West Bank, as follows:

  • The poor students from disadvantaged families.
  • The orphans.
  • The social hard cases.
  • The youth with Special Needs.
  • The handicapped who could meet the requirements of training.
  • The traumatized.

VTC programs

The VTC provides training in the following professions:

Wood work: construction and furniture productions.













Metal work: (Blacksmith and Aluminum Fabrication.














General Painting: Decoration and Car Body Repair.















Auto Mechanics: maintenance and repair of automotive vehicles.VTC-Mech

Building Maintenance (Electrical Installation & Sanitary Installation): General maintenance of buildings with special emphasis on electrical wiring and      installation and plumbing and sanitary work.



Air conditioning and refrigeration: maintaining and installing of air condition units in addition to maintaining all kinds of refrigerators and freezers.


General Electronics departments: Office equipment Maintenance, Computer and Networking, Graphic Design.


Accounting and office Management.

Food preparation.


Training in the center:

  • Long term courses: 2 scholastic years.

-       11   months of actual training in the VTC: 80% practical and 20% theoretical (Arabic, English, mathematics and industrial drawing).

-      7 months Training within industry. With full monitoring by the East Jerusalem YMCA VTC staff, and the workshop owners.

  • Short term courses: designed according to the need and the target group for all the vocations listed above.
  • Civic Education and Life Skills.



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