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The Women's Training Program (WTP) was initiated in April 1993 to improve the socio-economic status and involvement of women in Palestinian society, through strengthening their decision-making capabilities and economic productivity both inside and outside their homes. The WTP activities include career counseling in schools and youth centers, assessment of personal capabilities, training of career counselors, intensive training in the targeted rural areas, short-term training courses in non-conventional fields like curtains, bed covers and cushions production, loans and community based development models.

Program Goal

The goal of the WTP is to reinforce the role of Palestinian women through strengthening their initiatives and capabilities in order to achieve sustainable development in their local communities.


  • To help students take a positive decision regarding their future and career.
  • Upgrade the skills on the best practices of career counseling to counselors in schools and youth institutions.
  • To enhance the skills and performance of women, thus their productivity.
  • To facilitate women's access to financial resources.

Implementation mechanism:
The program works through two key areas:

A: Career counseling program (CCP)

  • Each year a psycho-social and career counseling program (CCP) is offered to over 300 students in more than 10 schools throughout the West Bank .
  • As an outreach program, the CCP conducts sessions in psycho-social and career counseling in schools on a weekly basis during the scholastic year.
  • The program also conducts workshops with school students' families, to develop a positive relation between students and parents, regarding the students' future plans.
  • The program also holds psycho-social and career counseling training courses for school counselors in order to build up the knowledge and experience of career counseling and to establish the CCP at their schools.
  • The program assesses the students' personal capabilities and skills in relation to the profession she/he is willing to pursue and thus equip the person with the knowledge needed in order to make effective career decision using Valpar Assessment Worksamples and Pro3000
  • Training Manual for Career counseling (This should lead to a page for the manual) to help counselors who work with youth in career counseling, the WTP developed a manual guide for counselors.

B: Training for Women

* The Women's Training Program introduces cumulative modular training in the field of "Home Skills and Village Home Economy" for women in rural villages. The modular training consists of 3 parts; basic courses in nutrition, family health, environmental health, and cooperative work; optional skills in the fields of agricultural work, home food production, and domestic animal rising, and management and marketing skills.

Each year, approximately 80 women in a number of locations participate in the modular training program. More than 50% of participants complete the entire module. The program also conducts income generating training courses in non-conventional vocational skills in various locations. The courses include, but are not limited to: curtain production, cover and cushion production, pastry production, and maintenance of sewing machines. The WTP also makes available, to trained women in the program, small loans to help trained women start their own projects or to enhance existing ones.


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