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The YMCA Vocational Extension Services Unit (ESU) was initiated in April 1992, in cooperation with the YMCA of the USA , International Division. At its start, the ESU purpose was to increase the employment and self-employment of Vocational Training Centers and Industrial Schools gradates in the West Bank and Gaza .

Over the course of years, the ESU Goal was modified to some extent to meet the changing needs of the youth. Objectives and activities of the ESU were also modified to meet these needs, without shifting from the core purpose of establishing the program which the vocational sector.


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Program Goal:

To improve youth conditions through stimulating long term self-sustaining jobs and micro-enterprise development in the vocational industrial sector, and also through the creation of employment, sports, recreational, and cultural opportunities for youth in the West Bank and Gaza.


  • To increase employment opportunities for Palestinian youth in the vocational & industrial sectors.
  • To promote the adoption of modern appropriate technology in the vocational and industrial sectors;
  • To strengthen existing micro and small businesses and to promote the establishment of new businesses in the vocational and industrial sectors;
  • To enhance the physical infrastructure of youth centers and Clubs;
  • To initiate sustainable youth sports, recreational, cultural, and after-school activities in the youth centers and Clubs.
  • To enhanced and developed leadership capacities of youth leaders in leading their youth communities and in conducting various youth activities across

Target Groups:

The YMCA ESU targets two main groups:

  1. Graduates of vocational, industrial, and polytechnic training institutions in the West Bank and Gaza . The YMCA focuses its services on those vocations in the industrial productive and service sector (general electricity, auto mechanics, sanitary networks, carpentry, etc.). In order to expand the reach of its services, the YMCA increased its target group to reach all workers and workshops owners in the vocational sector in the West Bank and Gaza .
  2. Youth Centers and Clubs in the West Bank and Gaza . The YMCA targets youth in these centers, administrations, and the infrastructure for enhancing the atmospheres for conducting the various youth activities and for empowering youth leaders

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