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The Ramallah of East Jerusalem is running two programs. In addition to that are they at the moment constructing a sports and recreational centre:

The Extension Service Unit

In response to the growing unemployment rate among Palestinians in the West Bank , the EJ-YMCA Ramallah branch initiated the Extension Services Unit in 1992. The goal is to improve youth conditions through stimulating long term self-sustaining jobs and micro-enterprise development in the vocational industrial sector, and also through the creation of employment, sports, recreational, and cultural opportunities for youth in the West Bank and Gaza .


The Women's Training Program

The Women's Training Program was begun in order to improve the socio-economic status and involvement of women in Palestinian society, through strengthening their decision-making capabilities and economic productivity both inside and outside their homes. The goal of the WTP is to reinforce the role of Palestinian women through strengthening their initiatives and capabilities in order to achieve sustainable development in their local communities.


Ramallah sports and recreational centre

The EJ-YMCA has just started the construction of the East Jerusalem YMCA Sports and Recreational Center in Ramallah City in the West Bank . You can follow the construction of the center here.


Vocational Training
Women's Training
Community & Sports Center
Extension Services Unit
Joint Advocacy Initiative