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The JAI signs a MOA with Al-Najah University for students training

On Thursday the 25th of May 2017, the JAI signed a students' training program' MOA with Al-Najah National University in Nablus. The University deputy principal welcomed the program and cooperation with the JAI, who believed will help educating their students on the concepts and international advocacy and solidarity tools and mechanisms.



In his turn, the University administration deputy principal welcomed the JAI representatives, and was pleased with the JAI concern in training the University students on Law and Political Science in International Law and Resolutions.

Training courses will be announced and encouraged by the University to its mostly 2nd and 3rd year students, for those interested to join. Two training courses will be announced, one in Democratic Citizenship, and the other in Just Peace, to have 20 students in each. The trainings will be given by professional trainers through the JAI in the themes and skills of International Law and Resolutions, Advocacy and Campaigns' management.

Post the training, the students to be trained are expected and will be responsible for meeting and influencing decision makers in the Palestinian community, who in turn are influential on the international advocacy level.


JAI distributed plaques of sponsors’ names on the fields targeted by the campaign in the 2016-2017 season

In May 2017, the JAI has distributed stone plaques on sponsors’ names, individuals, groups and organizations, into fields that has been targeted this year and trees were planted in through the campaign. This was in various villages in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.


JAI received a delegation from TV2 ØST – Denmark:

On the 31st of May and 1st of June, the JAI organized a program and accompanied a group of 12 people from and through TV2 ØST in Denmark. Their program included, on the first day: guided tour to see the wall-settlements-bypass road in the Bethlehem area, with explanation, then a visit and meeting with one of the JAI’ Olive Tree Campaign farmers in Al-Walaja village, west of Bethlehem. Later in the afternoon, the group were gived a guided tour in the old city of Hebron to witness closures, settlements, closed streets, checkpoints and old city.


On the second day, the group were accompanied to St. Saba Monastery east of Bethlehem, then to Ramallah were a meeting was arranged at the Danish House in Palestine with Lieutenant and Journalist Ms. Samar Thabteh, on her perspective and role as a girl in this field, and Palestinian community’ reception of it. Oater on the day, a visit was made to Taybeh village and the Taybeh Beer factory, where they had an illustration on the beer production process, and challenges they face.


JAI hosted a group of 11 members from the Presbyterian Church in the USA. The JAI Manager provided the group with information about the Palestinian context with a focus on the Palestinian Christians and the role their organizations play to promote just peace .

JAI was one of four organizations invited by UN OCHA to meet a delegation of representative of 8 diplomatic mission to the Palestinian Authority. The purpose of this was to meet people and organization to have an idea about the impact of the Israeli measures on people’s lives. The Group met in Al-Walajah village at the land of one of the JAI beneficiaries who suffers from the Apartheid Wall that was constructed few meters away from his home and left his family live in a bad condition. JAI Manager gave a presentation to the delegates on the support that the OTC gives to the people of Al-Walajah with the purpose of maintaining their land and promoting their resilience and steadfastness.

JAI hosted a Kairos Board meeting and participated in the meeting held for the national Coalitin of Christian Organizations(NCCOP) in both meetings there were discussion of our role during the Palestinian Prisoners hunger strike, our position on the Palestine Ecumenical Forum of the World Council of Churches, and the best way to coordinate and cooperate . Christian organizations in Bethlehem visited the Tent of Solidarity with the Prisoners and gave a speech of support. Add to this the fact that JAI was almost every day at the Solidarity tent in Beit sahour town

JAI Manager met the Bethlehem members of the EAPPI and presented the program activities with a focus of the Olive Tree Campaign and the Youth work. the meeting discussed the ways for cooperation, especially in the field activities as it was always the case with the EAPPI in Bethlehem area.

JAI Manager met a group of 28 members from the partner Church of Scotland. After expressing appreciation over their support top the JAI and the OTC, He gave them a presentation about the situation in the Palestinian Territories and the way the YMCA/YWCA responds to this through the OTC, youth work and advocacy initiatives.

JAI Manager was interviewed by two American students on the Palestinian context, JAI work, the Palestinian Civil society initiatives and means of non-violence resistance. This comes and a graduation project of the two students who have been studying the Palestinian Cause.

JAI Manger and Youth Coordinator had a meeting with the Mr. Sami Mruwa Director of the Ministry of Education in Bethlehem and Mr. Fayez Ja’ara the director of the Student Activities Department. The meeting discussed meets of cooperation between the governmental schools and the JAI in the area of training students and participating in the student exchange programs. Both parties agreed on the idea in principle and are looking for an official approval from the Ministry in Ramallah.



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