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The East Jerusalem YMCA - The vocational Training Center- AqbetJaber refugee camp Jericho - June 2017 Newsletter

1.The East Jerusalem YMCA / Vocational Training Center- incooperationwith The Center for Youth Development Resources /Hebron- and with the support of MERCY CORPS Institution, held ‘Video Editing’complementarytraining course for students and graduates of the Graphic Design Department. The duration of this complementary course was 30  traininghours.


2. Sixteen students have completed a short training course in Auto Mechanics and Electricity. The course lasted for eight monthsincludedtwo months of field training in the Palestinian Market.
3. Twelve students from the ‘Single-Phase’ home electricity course have graduated from the Electricity Department at The Vocational Training Center.The course lasted for five months. Electricity department at the Vocational training center is continuously being developed to keep training up to date.
4. Registration is open for all sections at The Vocational Training Center- Jericho for the year 2017-2018 as per attached. Students from all over Palestine are welcome to join our outstanding vocational training courses that allow beneficiaries to enter the Palestinian market with the needed skills in various fields.
5. A new section in ‘Permaculture and Sustainable Home Gardening’,which was currently added to our courses, is going to start in September 2017. The course is funded by DCA/NCA and it is expected to target 15-20 students each year. This course is the first of its kind at the national level and is aimed to promote eco-friendly agricultural practices and sustainability.
6. A new section in renewable energy (Solar and Wind energy), whichwas currently added to our courses, is going to start in September 2017. This course is an important addition to the electricity department as the Vocational Training Center always seeks developing curriculum of all departments to cope with global developments and new market needs.
7. Two students from the Cooking course at the Vocational training center/ Jericho participated in an international cooking contest which took place within 2 days in Azmir /Turkey. Both participants achieved advanced levels in the contests and got medals and participation certificates.
8. The Belgian Prime Minister visited the Vocational Training Centerin Jericho in February 2017, to see how the center works and how it deals with Palestinian Youth needs especially in vocational trainings and their entrance to Palestinian Market as professionals in their vocations.  As this has an important role in achieving better economic and social status.
9. A graduation ceremony for 139 students in all vocations in April 2017

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