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We ran to tell a different story
Women's Inheritance Day

On Friday, April 1st 2016 more than 1200 men and women headed to Bethlehem to participate in telling the Palestinian community and international participants in Palestine Marathon a different story that will lead to women's social and economic empowerment .


650 runner (women and man) participated in running  the 10 km and more than 500 women participated in cheering , holding posters, distributing brochures, caps and water bottles  to tell our story. The message was heard out loud: Establishing  Inheritance Department in the Ministry of Justice to be responsible for distributing the inheritance to all the hairs; giving all the vulnerable sectors in the society an equal opportunity to get their rights.














It was a very special day for the Women Training Program taking into consideration the high number of CBO's participated , level of visibility and media outlets involved in the event both nationally and internationally.



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