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Conducting the first level of basic training in EMDR in Turkey

The East Jerusalem YMCA – Rehabilitation Program in partnership with HAP UK & Ireland, has recently implemented the first level of the basic training in 'Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing' (EMDR) during the period of 12-15 /5/2015 in Istanbul / Turkey. The training was attended by 28 participants from various Arab nationalities from Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Palestine who have professional backgrounds in the field of psychological and mental health and who devote high efforts to serve the refugees and the victims of political violence in their countries.

The training came as a response to the urgent need in various parts of the Arab world to intervene with cases that suffer from repeated trauma and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorders. EMDR therapy has proved to be highly effective in working with these cases in particular, and in maintaining their psychological wellness. It is worth mentioning that the training staff has a long experience in working with people suffering from trauma; EMDR has been used in Palestine since 2005 to approach traumatized people and those who have developed post traumatic stress disorders.

The training was conducted by Mona Zaghrout with the support of a group of facilitators, namely: A'laa Ayyash, Mohammed Mahajneh, Mustafa Omar, and Ibtissam Adileh. It is important to note that the second level of training will be conducted later in 2015.

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