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Awareness raising event in Hebron

On Saturday, Aug 24th 2013, The EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program in Hebron held an event aimed at raising public awareness of the services provided by the “Post-trauma Rehabilitation of Palestinian Ex-detainee Children in the West Bank” Program, which is implement by the East Jerusalem YMCA – Rehabilitation program in partnership with Save the Children, and funded by the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO).hebron1

The event was held at the Children Happiness Center in Hebron and was attended by around 320 children and caregivers from the Hebron area that benefitted from the program, and residents of vulnerable areas that suffer high rates of detention of children. The event included a variety of activities that highlighted the impact of detention of children in the West Bank. The Hebron supervisor of the Rehabilitation Program, Alaa’ Abu Ayyash gave a presentation detailing the services and accomplishments of the program, and was followed by a theatrical performance by Al-Harah Theatre titled “The Trap”. The play aimed at raising awareness of the dangers associated with children detention and the recruitment of children to become collaborators by the Israeli Authorities.hebron2

The event also included contributions by some of the beneficiaries of the program who gave performances that included traditional dancing and a Rap segment. The event was covered by local and national news media outlets.

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