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EJ-YMCA/ESU program launches the “120 years Basketball Anniversary”

Funded by YMCA of the USA, East Jerusalem Young men Christian Association launched the 120 years Basketball anniversary project in association with 17 sport clubs in Palestine. The project includes several activities aiming at promoting basketball sport activity at the local commbassket2unity. Due to technical constraints, the project management team in coordination with the local technical leading committee, introduced some changes to the original proposed project and added other sport activities that serve the main goal and incorporate other sport activities. Two new handicaps teams represent the North and the South of the West Bank has been included in the program. The first phase inaugurated on the February 20Th, 2013 at the Catholic Action Sports Hall in Bethlehem where two of the strongest teams in West Bank (Ibdaa from Duhashe Refugee camp and Orthodox club team from Bethlehem competed.basket1

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