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A Delegation of nine judges and lawyers from the United Kingdom visited The EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program at the Beit Sahour office last Wednesday the 14th of September 2011. Nader Abu Amsha the Programme Director met with members of the delegation and presented the EJ-YMCA RP work and the "Post Trauma Rehabilitation of Palestinian Ex-detainee Children in the West Bank Programme". The delegation also met with a group of Children ex-detainees who were present at the EJ-YMCA office for a group session.img_0105-

The Delegation's visit to the West Bank, which took place between the 10th to the 17thof September aimed at reviewing the situation of Palestinian Children prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The outcome of the Delegation's visit to the region will be put into a report that will be ready in January 2012.

Members of the delegation are:

Baroness Scotland (shadow Attorney General)

Sir Stephen Sedley (former Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal and ad hoc Judge of the European Court of Human Rights)

Marianna Hildyard Q.C. (Deputy High Court Judge and Leading Family Law Barrister)

Frances Oldam Q.C. (Deputy High Court Judge and Leading Criminal and Family Law Barrister)

Judy Khan Q.C. (Part-time Judge and Leading Criminal and Human Rights Barrister)

Jayne Harrill (Senior Family Law Barrister)

Jude Lanchin (Senior Criminal Law Solicitor)

Greg Davies (Junior Family Law Barrister)

Marc Mason (Junior Family Law Barrister and Dedicated Report Writer)

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