The EJ YMCA Rehabilitation Program concluded a project to empower children to overcome trauma in the southern villages of Bethlehem PDF Print E-mail

The EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program, in partnership with World Vision, concluded a three year project to enhance the psychosocial wellbeing of children of the Southern villages of Bethlehem District.  The  project beneficiaries included 3,000 children, 600 parents, 20 social leaders and 100 volunteers, 50 teachers, 18 community based organizations and schools.

Nine small villages were targeted in the southern part of Bethlehem District with a total population of 7,800 of which 55% are children less than 16 years of age. These areas are surrounded by Israeli settlements built on land confiscated from the villages. The Separation Wall is also being built on the land of some of these villages. These directly affect the livelihood of the population there.  Most of the families in this area have lost most/all of their land—their main source of income and live in bad socioeconomic situations that badly influence their livelihood and consequently create psychosocial difficulties.

The project addressed the psychosocial needs of the children living in these seriously affected nine small villages. The impact of violence and the deteriorated socioeconomic conditions on children indicates that they have developed psychosocial and behavioral difficulties that influence their psychosocial well being, and consequently their families and the entire community. As rights-based Christian organizations, The East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation program and World Vision believe in the right of those children to have a better life compared to their current living conditions.








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