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The WTP Accomplishes its Cistern Rehabilitation Project in the Eastern Slopes of Bethlehem Governorate
Through the Emergency Support Project to Livestock Breeders, and under the supervision of both Bethlehem Governorates Directorate of Agriculture, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and with the fund of the Government of Canada, the WTP accomplished its project of drilling six cisterns and rehabilitation of ten old cisterns with a total capacity of 3800sqm in the areas of Elrashaydeh and Raw'een in the Eastern slopes of Bethlehem, known for livestock raising.
Present at a field visit at the completion of the project was the deputy assistant minister for the eastern governorates affairs, Dr. Zakaria Salawdeh, minister's advisor for field crops affairs, Othman Abu Sharkh, and the director of Bethlehem Governorate's Agriculture, Ibrahim Masha'leh. Present at the field visit was a number of agricultural engineers and staff members from MoA and FAO staff member's representative Mr. Omar Kalouti, and WTP's development consultant, Nadi Faraj, in addition to the head of the village council, Mr. Fawaz Rashaydeh, and a number of farmers and animal breeders.img_0800
In his speech, Mr. Rashydeh thanked MoA, FAO, YMCA, and the Government of Canada for their fund and interest in such urgent projects meeting the needs of livestock breeders in the eastern slopes, a natural grazing area; as such projects strengthen farmer's resilience and reduce animal production cost. He also called for more similar projects that support the resistance of Bedouin life and maintain livestock and food security.
Nadi Faraj emphasized on the joint coordination and the joint positive role played by the Directorate of Agriculture and the Civil Defense Directorate in achieving such projects. Mr. Masha'leh, on the other hand, praised the role of the village council and farmers in providing support and facilitating the work of the implementing crew to achieve the project.
On a different note Mr. Kalouti from FAO noted that FAO will continue its projects according to the MoA's strategies. 





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